Affordable and versatile technologies that safeguard data


Manage data of any size to deliver competitive advantage through actionable insights.

One destination for world class software products and storage systems.

We provide a comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery(BCDR) Plan after analysing the customer’s current and future Recovery Point Objective(RPO) and Recovery Time Objective(RTO).

Build a complete software infrastructure with Next-Gen firewalls and intrusion prevention, advanced malware protection, email security, endpoint security, security management, and cloud protection.

There is a paradigm shift in the role of IT from being an organisational support to being a factor for business growth as well as being the drive behind new innovations. The recent technological changes that include cloud storage systems, data analytics, artificial intelligence, social media, and mobiles, are pushing businesses into transforming their perception of the IT industry. This transformation is an opportunity for organisations to revolutionise how they do business. But to capitalise on this opportunity, obstacles such as cost, complexity, and risk must be conquered.

Techzo is a Bangalore-based technology company offering top-notch products and services, focusing on data management  and security  providing solutions with easy-to-use backup, sync, protection and accessibility of valuable data. Just what you need for your business! We work with global leaders, churning end-to-end solutions in Data Management, Security and Storage solutions that address data requirements.

Our mission is to enable datacentre optimisation and innovation that allows businesses to perform at the highest level. Leveraging on a decade of experience, Techzo consistently delivers reliable, emerging technologies for enterprise solutions and services that help proactively manage increasingly complex environments, be it in business, government, education, or healthcare organisations.

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